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Per diems and allowances

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Frequency5-10x per year
Deducted by73% of independentsRecommended by87% of independentsWürdest du diese Ausgabe empfehlen?Setzt du diese Ausgabe ab?

Per-diems are an excellent fiscal lever… when used wisely.
As a self-employed person, you can also claim additional expenses for meals on a business trip as a lump sum, just like employees:
– for an absence of 8 to 24 hours from the first place of work 16 Euro
– if you are absent for more than 24 hours, 32 euros can be claimed

If you bill for exactly eight hours, you get nothing. The journey must last more than eight hours, for example eight hours and eight minutes.

💡Also for accommodation costs abroad there are lump sums according to the destination of your business trip. You can find the exact amounts here:

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