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Flight costs

Tax audit risk

Easiness to justify
Average amount deducted€ 500-5000 per yearFrequency2-10x per year
Deducted by71% of independentsRecommended by74% of independentsWürdest du diese Ausgabe empfehlen?Setzt du diese Ausgabe ab?

If you don’t travel for pleasure…
Flying to a conference, a client or another destination for professional purposes?

Your ticket is deductible for your income tax, and VAT (only for national flights). Tickets for your partner, who travels with you, are of course non-deductible.

Combining a business trip with a pleasure trip? You can only deduct the proportion of the airplane tickets that concern the professional part of your trip, e.g. If 75 % of the trip is business and 25 % private you can only deduct 75% of the ticket price. In order to be able to deduct travel expenses at all, however, at least 10 % of the time must have a clear professional benefit.

✈️ Make sure that there is proof (conference documents, daily minutes) that the trip was really necessary and professionally motivated. Here the tax office is often very critical, especially when travelling abroad.

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